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Rates and Reservations


2019 Rates

May 17 to September 28, 2019
Day Week Month
W, E, Satellite $43.00 $258.00 $700.00 *
W, E, Septic, Satellite* $46.00 $276.00 $800.00 *
Camper Rental $100.00 $550.00  
Rustic Cabin Rental* $70.00 $425.00  
Premium Cabin Rental $100.00 $550.00  
Our Only Discount is for Seniors age 62+.
10% (on Stays of 3-6 Nights ONLY.)
Senior Discounts not available on already discounted stays.
Only Discounted on New Reservations when reservation is first made.
Discounts available for site rentals only.
No discounts on Holiday or Halloween stays and no discounts on stays in our camper or cabins.
* Add $50.00 for 50-amp service on monthly stays.
Weekends are a 2 night minimum to book.
All Rentals are a 2 night minimum.
If looking for a one-night stay, please call on Thursday to check for openings.
Holiday weekends require a minimum 3-night stay. (Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day)
All site fees will need to add a 6% Vermont Tax.
Camper and cabin rentals will need to add a 9% Vermont Rooms and Meals Tax.

34 ft. Travel Trailer Rental Camper Exterior View
34 ft. Travel Trailer Rental Camper Interior View
34 ft. Travel Trailer Rental Camper Interior View

Our 34 ft. Travel Trailer Rental Camper (Site #20) includes all pots, pans, dishes, silverware, cups, plates,
cooking utensils, coffee pot, lawn chairs on deck, gas grill, fire ring and picnic table.
Bring your own linens, pillows and towels. Includes 1 queen bed and 4 single bunk beds.
Maximum occupancy is 2 adults and 3 children. No pets allowed.

32 ft. Travel Trailer Rental Camper Exterior View
32 ft. Travel Trailer Rental Camper Interior View
32 ft. Travel Trailer Rental Camper Interior View
32 ft. Travel Trailer Rental Camper Interior View
32 ft. Travel Trailer Rental Camper Interior View

Our 32 ft. Travel Trailer Rental Camper (Site #24) includes all pots, pans, dishes, silverware, cups, plates, cooking utensils, coffee pot, lawn chairs on deck, gas grill, fire ring and picnic table.
Bring your own linens, pillows and towels. Includes 1 queen bed and 4 single bunk beds.
Maximum occupancy is 2 adults and 3 children. No pets allowed.

32 ft. Cherokee Travel Trailer Rental Camper Exterior View
32 ft. Cherokee Travel Trailer Rental Camper Interior View
32 ft. Cherokee Travel Trailer Rental Camper Interior View
32 ft. Cherokee Travel Trailer Rental Camper Interior View
32 ft. Cherokee Travel Trailer Rental Camper Interior View

Our 32 ft. Travel Trailer Rental Camper (Site #128) includes all pots, pans, dishes, silverware, cups, plates, cooking utensils, coffee pot, lawn chairs on deck, gas grill, fire ring and picnic table.
Bring your own linens, pillows and towels. Includes 1 queen bed and 4 single bunk beds.
Maximum occupancy is 2 adults and 3 children. No pets allowed.

Our 10 x 16 Rustic Cabin (on Site # 39) a queen bed & futon, refrigerator, microwave, coffee pot, can opener, toaster, electric griddle, charcoal grill, TV, electricity, air conditioner, heater, fire pit and picnic table.
No linens or towels included. (Crated dogs allowed.)

Our 12x16 Rustic Cabin (on Site # 53) has a Queen Bed & Futon, Refrigerator, Microwave,
Coffee Pot, Can Opener, Toaster, Electric Griddle, Charcoal Grill, TV, Electricity,
Air Conditioner, Heater, Fire Pit and Picnic Table.
No linens or towels included. (Crated dogs allowed.)

Our 12 x 20 Premium Cabin (Site #1) has a stove with an oven, refrigerator, microwave, shower, toilet, TV,
Full size Bed in the bedroom and a Full size fold out couch in the living room.
It sleeps 2 adults and 2 children.
It has the dishes, pots & pans and silverware.
Bring your own linens, pillows and towels. (Crated dogs allowed.)

Other Information:
* 2 adults & 3 children per site - Immediate family only.
** Must be 18 years of age to rent campsites and 21 years of age to rent camper or cabins.
• Limit of 4 adults & 3 children per site.
• No smoking in rental campers or cabins.
• Check-in no later than 8:00 PM (call if a later arrival needed).
• If adding people to a site, you must call the office before arriving.
• 2 night minimum on weekends.
• Additional overnight guests are $12.00 per night Holidays and
Halloween weekend and $8.00 all other nights.
Extra overnight guests $30.00 per week.
• Day visitor fee is $5.00 / Seniors $3.00 (must leave by 9:00 PM). All guests must sign in at the office!
• Adding a tent to your camper site is not allowed unless it is your children under age 18.
Please ask in the office before setting up a tent.

• Well behaved pets on leashes allowed (No Dobermans, Pit Bulls, Rottweilers or Mixed Breeds).
• Bring a copy of your rabies certificate for us - Thanks.
• Pets that are a problem will be asked to leave the park.
• No dogs in rental campers. Only crated dogs in cabins.
• Cancellation policy: 48 hours notice.
• $50.00 non-refundable deposit on cabins. $25.00 non-refundable deposit on sites.
• Park as Instructed at Check In. We have awning to awning sites - Ask when you make a reservation.
• Electric Car charging at site - $4.00 per day.
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